06 April 2011


1. We've been so busy!

2. We've found a new apartment! It's near where we are now - not too much of a change, but looking forward to our new digs.

3. Grant's mama and my mama have had birthdays! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

4. Last weekend we spent Sunday in Helen, GA with Grant's family - it was so nice hanging out!

5. This weekend, we're headed to the lake - and hopefully seeing my parents.

6. Coco and I have a standing Tuesday night date - we're going to try out all the places on Scoutmob until we've been all over the city trying chic new places for 50% off. Last night we went to Gekko Sushi in Old Fourth Ward - awesome! We tried 3 different rolls, fried cheesecake and fried bananas, a la mode. Scrumptious!

7. Our small group is doing a study of Song of Solomon and we're loving it.

8. It's spring break around here - several friends are on mission trips!

9. I have the best husband in the world.

10. We have so much stuff to pack up before we move the 15-16th... I should get back to packing...

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