22 May 2009

thank you, former job

i am currently cashing my last paycheck to spend on a trip to NEW YORK!! i will be there tuesday-friday and will see 5 SHOWS in four days. boom.

thanks, former job, for forcing me to quit when i did... thank the Lord... now you can pay for my trip to nyc.

i have much to blog about, but since i've been at the lake for about 10 days and will leave for new york the minute i get back, it'll have to wait until after our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!

[seriously... timing is everything.... hehehehehehe]


13 May 2009

I finally quit

I resigned yesterday after being berated for three-hole-punches being out of line in a binder I put together on Friday. The partner proceeded to explain what a waste of time I was and how quickly he could find a high school graduate who could do better and that this was "intolerable." He said that he and the partners would make a decision about the repercussions of my actions later... wait? over a three-hole-punch issue with a binder? Yes.

Ok. That was it for me. Many of you know how I feel I've been treated at this job and my overall feelings about working there... There was no point in staying on longer.

The Final Conversation: I told him that I would like to talk to him and he basically said that if I didn't have a message for him, it was unimportant and would have to wait, as he pushed past me and out of his office into the hallway. I had wanted to wait to say things in private, but he was rude, so what did it matter? I simply said, "I'll make the decision easy for you: I'm resigning." He turned, continued walking, and said over his sholder, "That does make it easy." I gathered my things and left. What can I say: he was true to character. No handshake. No eye contact. No well-wishes. I'm not worth any of that in his eyes--never was.

As I walked out the doors of the building, I really felt like I was just shaking the dust from my sandals and leaving a black-hearted place that does not have ears to hear or eyes to see.

I'm glad to be gone. However, I will miss the others--the other support staff and associates. I wish them all the best. I also hope that the partner's change or are soon found out for who and what they truly are.

On a happier note: I think I've found something else--much bigger and better. Nothing's set in stone yet, so I can't say much, except that my work environment will be the complete opposite and I will actually enjoy going to work.

Lend me your thoughts and wisdom, I love you so much--what do you think? The only part I'm having trouble with is the fact that I did not wake up yesterday and plan on making this financial decision. Pray for rest and peace in knowing that God will provide and we made the right decision. Thanks



11 May 2009

Recent Praise!

Papa's well!

Let me explain: We went to Huntsville for the weekend to celebrate Mother's Day with my fam--which was awesome. Mama: we love you very much. But Sunday afternoon we got a call that Grant's grandfather was rushed to the hospital having blacked out on the way to church (he usually doesn't go to church; in fact, if he'd have stayed at home like he typically does he would've surely died). An ambulance carried him to St. Joseph's were tests were run and it was determined that a blood clot had formed and was pressing on his brain. He was quickly transferred to University Hospital, were he underwent brain surgery this morning at 7:00am. We drove straight through from Huntsville to Augusta (a solid 6.5 hours) to see him and pray for him before his surgery.

Two things worthy of God's praise:
1. An 83 year old man successfully pulled through a 2.5 hour brain surgery without any difficulties or problems coming out of anesthesia. (when does that happen? Glory be to the Father!).

2. Papa has had some difficulty over the years with his faith, and resisting church, we all kind of wondered where he stood with the Lord. Before his surgery after we prayed for him, he said, "If I don't make it through this, I know the KING is coming for me" and a man I have never seen shed a tear wept silently. It was a beautiful thing. I'm so glad we were there, and as Lynn said, "We were right where we needed to be."

The up-hill battle now is recovery. Please keep him and Grant's family in your prayers. It has been crazy--this being the third major surgery in 6 years after open-heart surgery and the removal of a tumor on his esophagus. In the words of the surgeon, "You're a lucky cat with 9 lives to have lived through all of this!"

We are thankful for the successful surgery and for his profession of faith!! Praise the Father! Papa is well--in more ways than one.

ps. grant and i are a little exhausted to say the least--having had about 4 hours of sleep in the past 40. keep us in mind too, as we seek peace and rest. thanks!