30 August 2011

Flat 2: First Night

So here's a quick vid of our new flat. It is a very rough cut of a very rough "before" apartment, but I just didn't want to forget what moving REALLY looks like ;) And I have no shame, so I decided to share it with you all, too. Move-in date: 24 August 2011. Tomorrow marks one week.

A few things about this video:
1. Notice the Coke--in our hearts, no, we have not left Atlanta ;)
2. Notice the music. We're an eclectic pair (Counting Crows and Brad Paisley. Impressive, I know).
3. Notice the "neutral" color palate {read: apparently, completely white-washing everything makes it "neutral"}
4. Notice the incredibly attractive tall man. I kinda love him a lot.
5. To answer your question: No, I have not yet figured out the washing machine. Nor have I attempted another load of laundry since. Pity the kind and very patient tall man.

There will be pics of the "after" coming soon. Bear with me and my slow/ spotty internet connection.

28 August 2011

London Life

Life is busy but oh so good. We just got done with church: Hillsong London. The worship is amazing and I think we may have found our church home here. At least for now. 

Pics are hard to share because I've used up my allocated Internet usage for the MONTH on my phone and we won't have Internet at our flat until MID-September...! But I'll do my best to show you the before and after of our little place as soon as I can!

Life is so different here, but were taking each day and every experience as a gift from God to learn more about this curious little corner of the globe. Historically speaking, so much of the American government, mindset, and Anglican/ Episcopal church came from over here, there is MUCH to learn and observe... And were not even in school yet!

London with its 13 million people is truly a melting pot of language, culture, religion, philosophy, color, and ideas. It's all fascinating really--if you hold it up to the light and look at it from the right perspective: Choosing joy and embracing the little daily difficulties with a smile, knowing that our lives are being changed and molded by each of them in great and tiny ways that we may never know but will forever appreciate. 

Life is so good and God is so faithful. What more could one ask for??

24 August 2011

Flat: Found!

Ok, so not only did we find a flat - lovely! - but because of some dear friends who are helping us into the whole situation, we are moving in TODAY! How great is that???

It's a perfectly tiny one bedroom with a washer and drier! (which is unheard of over here) with a "fully fitted kitchen" which means it has a sink, oven, stove top, and coffee/tea maker (of course!). I'm already planning out how to rearrange the living space to maximize the (almost) floor to ceiling, gorgeous bay windows (14 ft. ceilings, too!). In our bedroom, we have lots of natural light and french doors that open out to a private garden - private meaning shared by the 8 or so tenants in our building. We have a beautiful old house (lots of curb appeal) that has been turned into different flats.

Don't get me wrong: it is Tee-Tiny! But it is really elegant-looking for some reason and it's in a wonderful location in a quiet little row of houses-turned-flats containing gardens and green-space.

We can't wait to move in!

I'll keep you posted when we get things set up and I can take some pics so you can see. Another alternative: come visit and see for yourselves!


16 August 2011

Tomorrow: London

In the words of The Gypsy Mama:

"And tomorrow I take flight with this team to go and be guests in someone else’s country, community and home. To learn what makes them laugh and where they live and what stories they treasure in their hearts. To share food and faith and look deep into each other’s eyes and discover through the grime and accents and distances that we are all beautiful."

That's why we're going.

We are captivated by the people of this earth. We want to experience and embrace the reality that we are all made in God's image. We want to visit and live - to taste and see that it is good and that we are all beautiful.

01 August 2011


Technically, this is not a new post... I'm just sharing a blog I love and what I'm learning through it - what I want to remember from it:

"But it’s not those occupational demands or our circumstances that make our days crazy or calm. I’m beginning to realize that peace and simplicity is a choice, not something that is handed to you—or not.

It’s in the attitudes I choose, the inspiration I uncover or ignore, the priorities and thoughts and conversations I pick to fill those moments and those hours that make the majority of my days, and—essentially—who I am."

Identity and knowing Who's you are - Who you belong to - makes all the difference. I learned this simple truth as a 19 year old study-abroad student in the South of France:

You can be miserable anywhere - under the best of circumstances. You can happy anywhere - in the worst of circumstances.

Contentment is a choice.

I'll leave you with this from Pinterest (my new fave):

Knowing who you are - and Who's you are - makes all the difference in the world.