29 March 2012

Almost Not Yet

I have so much to update... we've been to several countries, had friends stay, will have more friends stay this weekend, I'm ending a 5 week internship tomorrow and flying out for a 2 week stay in America...! Whew! It's been busy. I will update, but it will be when I have internet (so, not for a few days or maybe after Easter).

Until then, I hope you have a wonderful Spring holiday and Happy Easter!

Christ is Risen!


08 March 2012

Hungary Taste Teaser

I don't think I've mentioned it on here before, but Saturday Grant and I are headed to Hungary! We are going with some of his friends from Hult and I can't wait!!

Here's a teaser of the plans we have:




{for a Horse Show}
Showmanship is a huge deal.

We'll see some pretty traditional riding. 

I really hope we get to hangout with this guy...

...not so much with this guy...?

Tihany Abbey

Szechenyi Bath
{hot baths}

Maybe we'll get to play a game of chess with these guys.

{the baths are hot, so they steam at night!}

Lake Balaton

Sümeg Castle

Wine Tasting in Etyek

Bravo if you made it to the end. As a reward, I'll let you know that when we leave beautiful HUNGARY, we will head for SWITZERLAND for a little ski time in the Swiss Alps and Zurich. 

Going to international schools was an EXCELLENT idea.