25 November 2011

5 Minute Friday: Grateful

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I am grateful for many tangible things on this earth. I have the best husband in the world, the sweetest most supportive family, and the kindest and steadfast friends a girl could hope for. Hugging their necks, holding their hands, sharing life over dinner, or grabbing a coffee together—these are the real ways I can love on these tangible people.

But I am grateful for intangibles, too. I am grateful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Godhead three-in-one, and the fellowship of believers.

I am also eternally grateful for music.

Where would I be without it? Very few things can change my mood as quickly and effectively as a song. Very few things can express the thoughts or yearnings of my heart the way a song can. Words can be so limiting—but words and melody can come together to compensate for the burden I sometimes feel stirring in my soul. 

Music is my muse. Music is my inspiration. Music makes ordinary things seem extraordinary—riding to school on the tube, doing the dishes, dinner with my sweetheart. Music can represent the best and worst of things simultaneously and still be beautiful. 

Music appeals to the dancer in me—the dancer that will exist long after the days of dancing, when I am stooped and arthritic. 

Music brings color to my world when circumstance threatens to bleed it dry, leaving only shades of gray.


Music is incredible—its depth and its intricacies—and for it, I am grateful. 

18 November 2011

City University London

There are a few things you should know about City.

People call "college"/ "university"/ "school" "Uni" over here. So when I'm on campus, I might text a classmate saying, "I'm at uni. Where are you?" {I'm still getting used to this}

We have a student Union, like Tate at Georgia or the Ferg at Alabama, only this one is a replica of Saved By The Bell's the Max. Let's compare:

The Max

City Uni

Neon lights? Check.
Gaming tables? Check. 
Bright colors? Check.
80s/ 90s music? Check.
Totally cool kids hangout? Like, totally.

But there are some really cool aspects to campus life. We have a square (like a quad) and it's beautiful in the fall. 

Northampton Square
{that little shack in the bottom right corner serves the best coffee}

View from the Library

It can be quite picturesque. And that's what you need to know about City University. That, and there are so many undergrads, a trip to the library is more often an educational experience in overhearing awkward pick-up lines and teen angst than anything else. That part of school translates globally.

Masquerade Pics

I'm a little bit over facebook right now, so I'm posting stuff on here, 
rather that setting up new albums there. Enjoy!

Alex, Martin, and Shara

Dancing Divas 
{friends from church} 

Alex, Martin, Shara, and me 
{my mask was a big hit, but it looks ridiculous in most of these pics. Oh well.}

Alex, Martin, Shara

Dance floor 

GG, GG's friend, Charlie, and Me
{GG's mask had feathers!!}

Katie and Me

Our table

Shara and Me
{two americans in london. love her!}

16 November 2011

Paris in Pictures

We arrived at Gare du Nord station

Found a McDo and some freedom fries ;)

Walked over to Montmatre and Sacre Coeur

Stayed near la Tour Eiffel 
{and took a lift to the top!}

Le Metro

Toured the City of Lights at night on bike - amazing!
Best way to see the city

Look them up: Fat Tire Bike Tours

Academie francaise {home of the immortals}

Blurry, but the Eiffel Tower from the Boat Cruise we took. On the hour, la Tour Eiffel sparkles {magical}

Street Art - River Seine


The Pantheon

Jardins Luxembourg

Saint Sulpice

les cafes, un pain au chocolat, et un eclair

Notre Dame de Paris

We went to the vespers {a sung service... like evensong} on Sunday.
One of the most incredible and moving experiences - to understand so little of the language, but understand so much with the heart.

It's beginning to {feel} a lot like Christmas
Saint Nick!

Departing for jolly ol' England.

03 November 2011

London... and Paris!

We've been busy!

Halloween came and went with several parties (people here love Halloween... who knew?). Hult rented out a bar near the Gherkin for a full-on costume party.

{Grant was a 1970s soccer star. He was a big hit!}

We went to a Swedish birthday party from my classmate Elin--so fun!

I attended a Hillsong London Sisterhood event and met Mrs. Anna Smith, got a signed copy of her book(!) and explored Surrey (perfectly English!).

Wednesday we had dinner first at Wahaca (the only decent Mexican food in London) with Grant's Peruvian classmates, Alejandro and Fiorella. Then we made our way to the dazzling Lyceum in West End/ Covent Garden.

Grant and I have had a packed week with school, but managed  to see The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre (beautiful, moving, powerful, and awesome).


Tomorrow night Grant has tickets to see Incubus at the Alexander Palace (aka, "The People's Palace," aka, "The Ally Pally") with a fun group of guys from church.

I am attending Hillsong's VELOCITY Masquerade Boat Party!! The tickets sold out earlier this week!! {There should be 300+ people at this kick-off event!!} I have several classmates coming! And the usual fun crowd from church. It should be amazing, with drinks, nibbles, a DJ, masks, and fireworks on the Thames as we cruise from Embankment to Putney Bridge!!!!

And now for the best bit: WE'RE SPENDING THE WEEKEND IN PARIS! Yep. Can't wait. We've booked our eurostar tickets from King's Cross/ St. Pancras to Gare du Nord, Paris {from the center of London to the heart of Paris!} Oui oui!

We're staying in the Eiffel Tower District and plan to see as much as we can before returning Sunday night. I can't wait! I've written too much already. I'll give you the details of Paris when we get back!