18 April 2011

Maybe you can relate...

7:25 - alarm goes off. Cuss - it's Monday.

7:45 - get up and look for toiletries

8:10 - four boxes later... no shampoo

8:13 - get in the shower... ice cold - look forward to warmth of hair drier

8:19 - shiver out of the shower... no hair drier to be found

8:47 - take care of Georgia. Look for keys

8:52 - no keys... call Grant (they're in his car - where else?) He'll come back home to lock new apartment while I use spare car key to drive to work

9:02 - take wrong turn out of new neighborhood. Realize I am going to be excessively late

9:12-9:37 - hit every.single.stoplight.

9:42 - stop to get ink - big print job at work today

9:59 - get to work. Discover I've left my computer somewhere between the two apartments - probably with my shampoo and hair drier

10:13 - meet Grant to get keys

10:37 - back at apartment. Find computer (and one great dane on our bed... bad girl)

11:09 - back at work

Item - Cost
Stress of moving - 1.5 grey hairs
2 hours in the car - 0.6 tank of gas
Embracing Monday morning with arms wide open - Priceless

1 comment:

Grant said...

Somebody had a case of the Mondays.
Do people say that at your office?....
-Office Space