11 August 2008

just for fun

ps. several small but GREAT things this week:
1. after working 2 jobs for 2 months, i have 3 DAYS TO DO NOTHING!
2. i'm making bank babysitting one of my favorite little girls a few days this week and next
3. ava (the little girl) and her parents came over last night to see our place
4. wes turner stayed with us last night! we had so much fun, cooking, telling funny stories, and repeating favorite pick-up lines... way too much fun. glad he and grant are such good buds.
5. i think i'm skipping the drop/add part of school, so i won't start driving till august 27th instead of the 20th.
6. katrin and michael (two AWESOME friends from germany) are coming to visit and grant and i get to play with them at the lake two weeks from now
7. kelly and john and the baby are doing GREAT! so excited for them and loving that all are in good giggling health.
8. the wedding, again, was so much fun. well done.


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Grant said...

how hilarious was last night talking with wes.... he is such a trip. i am proud that we are the first young married couple he spent the night with.