07 August 2008


grant and i are looking for a bible study. if you know of anything helpful in the city, send it our way. we're a little overwhelmed by buckhead church's size and want to fellowship with people we'll really live life with (see multiple times a week). we want to have or create community here. if ya got any idears, lemme know! xoxo


Anonymous said...


I stumbled across your blog and know what you mean about the size of Buckhead Church. However, I would suggest you check out the community groups there, in fact they have a group link around Aug 20th or so. You can get connected with people in your same stage life and same area, that is a benefit of the size of BC, lots of people to choose from.
Worked for us, good luck whichever path you choose.


Steve Giddens said...

Hi guys. My name is Steve and I work in the Groups division at Buckhead Church. I would second Jim's comments that our small groups help to make a very big church feel much smaller. GroupLink is an easy way to meet other couples in your area and same stage of life and to connect into a group. Our GroupLink event for Married couples is Fri., Aug. 22nd. Feel free to email me at steve.giddens@buckheadchurch.org if I can help you guys or answer any questions.