27 March 2008

upcoming excitement

i'm really looking forward to this weekend for so many reasons. grant and i have an engagement party in augusta! yay! we get to hangout with our closest friends and family. our families get another chance to be together--second hangout since they met at our huntsville engagement party. and most of our wedding party is coming! yay! quick preview: thursday: atl; friday: aug; sat: party and play time!; sunday: atl; monday: back to reality, work, and school. can't wait to meet all of grant's family friends and play with my GIRLS, too!!!


hannah jane said...

yah lucy! i can't wait either! it's going to be so much fun to celebrate YOU and GRANT!!!! i love you, see you tomorrow:)

Nida Rab said...

so wish i could be there tomorrow! y'all have fun :)