26 March 2008

please excuse my ignorance

i don't really know what i'm doing, but several of my dearest friends have started bloggging, and since we're scattered all over the map, this seems like the best way to stay in touch.  

i am currently in grad school at alabama working toward my Masters in Library and Information Studies with an emphasis in knowledge management and the organization of information.  i basically take a system and make it better--and i love it!  i hope to work in a specialty library (law library of some sort) or a museum.  

i am engaged to the love of my life and we're getting married may 31st! we can't wait!!! we're honeymooning in puerta vallarta, mexico, with an incredible resort set on cliffs over-looking the pacific. yay! wedding planning has been surprisingly easy and stress-free. i have the best mama/ wedding planner and the best friends in the world as bridesmaids.  this is a really great season of life and i've never been happier.  i'm learning more each day about contentment at its fullest.  

i have a precious little girl (95 lbs), my 11 month old great dane, Georgia. i can't wait for grant, georgia, and me to move into our cute new apartment in atlanta, set-up house, and begin our family! check out our apt: www.thelodgeontheriver.com (2 bed 2 bath).

i also have a job. i'm working for the emory group; i'm a regional sales manager for a promotional advertising firm, which really means, i sell tshirts to sorority girls.  it's a ton of work, but most of the time it's worth it and really rewarding.  i spend most of my time reading on my back deck with georgia girl curled up with me. i can't complain at all.


AshleyMargaret said...

Love it! im so ecxited about our blogging beginnings :)

Nida Rab said...

so glad we're all blogging! i can't wait to read more.. love you! call me soon :)