30 August 2011

Flat 2: First Night

So here's a quick vid of our new flat. It is a very rough cut of a very rough "before" apartment, but I just didn't want to forget what moving REALLY looks like ;) And I have no shame, so I decided to share it with you all, too. Move-in date: 24 August 2011. Tomorrow marks one week.

A few things about this video:
1. Notice the Coke--in our hearts, no, we have not left Atlanta ;)
2. Notice the music. We're an eclectic pair (Counting Crows and Brad Paisley. Impressive, I know).
3. Notice the "neutral" color palate {read: apparently, completely white-washing everything makes it "neutral"}
4. Notice the incredibly attractive tall man. I kinda love him a lot.
5. To answer your question: No, I have not yet figured out the washing machine. Nor have I attempted another load of laundry since. Pity the kind and very patient tall man.

There will be pics of the "after" coming soon. Bear with me and my slow/ spotty internet connection.


Sally said...

i love it! loving your adventures and looking forward to seeing after!

lucy said...

yes, it was taken with an iPhone... what gave it away? the odd shape or the amazing quality? Kidding. Our phones have been REALLY helpful thus far. More of that to come later. Cheers!

Fran said...

Hi Lucy! This is so exciting! Where is your flat? I moved to London after college and lived near Marble Arch.

Hope all is well!
Fran Cowart

Anonymous said...

You think it seems small now ... just wait till Georgia moves in.

Love y'all.