22 July 2011

Our Story: London, Part 3

"Let them give glory to the Lord and declare His praises in the islands [UK]" - Isaiah 42:12

We just wanted to be sure, that if anyone hears anything about our story, they know one thing: God made it all possible and deserves all the glory.

God made provision for us financially.

God created community for us in London.

God gave us prayer people, direction, and guidance—He spoke to us through Joshua 3.

God made a way for us and proved Himself faithful.

We just happen to be the grateful recipients of His relentless love.

So now you know the details – well, the basics, at least – of our impending move to London, why we’re going and how it all worked out.

1 comment:

Grant said...

We are learning so much through this process from Him. It is already an amazing experience and we are not even in London yet.