25 March 2011

Piping Hot Starbucks

This was painful to experience but funny to write about. Here's a peek into my day.

Sometimes (against Grant's wishes and my better judgment) I go to the Starbucks drive through in the morning on the way to work.

Do they have exceptional service? Not particularly.

Do they have exceptional coffee? Not really.

But they are on the way to work and that's about it: convenience wins.

This morning, they filled my grande skinny vanilla latte to the brim (and then some). I asked for two splendas and got them with no stirrer and no napkin. I proceeded to pull out of the line and to the parking lot exit, where I thought I would doctor my coffee.


Someone was immediately behind me - and waiting to pull out on a Friday morning at 8:00 does not make for a happy driver. So I exited the parking lot and pulled up to the red light.

I thought I'd just slip the lid off, dump in my splenda, replace the top smoothly, and continue with my morning.

Not happening.

What did happen was this: at the hint of freedom, the coffee spilled raced over the edges of the cup, drenching me, my jeans, my car, my seat, and even my shoes with scalding hot coffee and foam - lots of foam.

It was completely ridiculous. My mind jumped for a moment to that lawsuit about the guy in the McDonald's drive thru... it made me laugh.

I did, however, have to return home before work - I was not going in with a coffee-smelling stain on my jeans... and my shirt... and my shoes....

Happy Friday!

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Grant said...

down with starbucks