21 January 2011

Meet Patti

{Pat speaking at church}

{Pat singing and Larry dancing}

{Pat and Larry}

{Pat with grandbaby Charlotte}

10 Things I love about Pat--

10. She's beautiful! Are you kidding me? Her good looks are matched only by her sincere heart. She gives generously of all that she has--time, money, awesome cooking ability, wisdom... you name it. She's got it and she's sharing it.

9. She loves Jesus. A Lot.

8. She loves her kids and family--there's such strength in lovely something dear so deeply.

7. She gives great advice.

6. She's my spiritual mama here in the city.

5. She loves prayer. She gets this: "not by might or strength but by the power of the Spirit" [Zechariah 4:6]

4. She knows scripture, and--get this--she really believes it.

3. She is somehow the wonderful combination of a meek and mild precious spirit mixed with a boldness and confidence in Christ, with 2 parts Baltimore and 2 parts Atlanta.

2. She makes me laugh. [and on occasion, cry, but the good kind of tears].

1. She gives really great hugs--the kind that wrap you up and make you forget where you are for a minute. And she never lets go first.

I love her very much.


Mary Ena said...

So glad that you have such an AWESOME presence in your life. I love that she never lets go first...:-)

hannah jane said...

wow, you are blessed to have such a someone in your life!