12 June 2010

I am embarrassed about this post...

... for several reasons.

1. I have a new favorite movie...King Kong.
[I can hear you laughing at me, you know]
But it really is a ridiculously good film with a stellar cast--Naomi Watts, Jack Black, Adrien Brody, Thomas Kretschmann, and Colin Hanks to name a few.

2. I now have a celebrity crush on Adrien Brody [I figure it's time to give Ryan Reynolds a break]. This is painfully embarrassing for me because I had (previous to seeing him in this film) thought of him as awkward, looking either...

always on the brink of tears...

or always on the brink of insanity--per his character in The Villiage...

or slightly anemic...

but in light of this pic and his performance in King Kong, I confess to have been completely wrong in my judgment of Adrien.

The secret is this: he is un-freakin-believably talented as an actor in motion... his still shot pics can be misleading--well some of them.

3. i love watching movies in the Cardio Theater Room at the gym--which is how I happened upon Adrien today and my whole opinion of him shifted in an instant.

4. The way that he kisses Naomi Watts in a scene in King Kong makes me blush. How embarrassing is this: here I am, going to town on the elliptical--nothing new here--and all of the sudden the movie gets serious, even ominous, and I blush at a kiss and am forced to avert my eyes!

NOTE: For those of you who've spent any amount of time in Europe/ around European men, you'll know what I'm talking about--the rest of you: book a trip to Europe immediately.

Adrien has this very European way--looking at her, holding her gaze, pausing, tentatively, and then taking her--of both longing for her and yet passionately having her at the same time... and this is just a kiss, people. No love scene. Nothing scandalous. But the intensity of it, the simultaneous reverence and fearlessness, his awe and acknowledgement of her femininity and yet his unreserved and bold masculinity--well, it's overwhelming... in a good way! And in that moment, there's this undeniable sense that thing will never be the same again. (whatta kiss!)

To be able to communicate all that in a very simple expression for a few seconds on a screen... well, it made me blush.

Now where the heck is my husband... I need to get my arms around him immediately. ;)

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hannah jane said...

you are so silly. love you:)