22 April 2010

ciao bella!

Also, we are planning a trip to ITALY later this year!! Can't wait to go. Seriously. Grant and the two others going with us have never been to Europe, much less Italy, and this will be such a special time for me to show off all my very favorite places, and yet also get to experience some things anew with my Love--very exciting!

We're going to fly into Rome, hit up all my favorite cheap (and mostly free!) things to do, enjoy the city, and then head up to Florence (or Firenze in Italiano). You should know that a not-so-small piece of my heart lives in a little piazza in Firenze: nestled beneath the windows where Michalangelo first conceived "the David" and near the place where it's rumored that Shakespeare conceived the plots to some of his best works, the Piazza de Signoria will forever be a part of me; from the banks of the Arno, to the Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi and Galleria d'Accademia, and of course! the Duomo, I embrace it all. Florence is quite lovely and is bursting at the seams with hidden wonders and local treasures. We will spend several days in Firenze, before spending our last day in Venice (Venezia)--what a city of l'amore--and finally flying back out of Roma.

More details to come! But we're thinking either around Labor Day in September, or over Thanksgiving Holiday--either way we will embark on a memorable 10-day journey with two very awesome friends. I'd rather be packing than planning... can't wait to go!



The Guerra Family said...

I've been there. And I have some great places to suggest.

Grant said...

i can't wait. my first trip to europe, and i am sure this will be my first of many.