14 February 2010

circus circus

Last night Grant and I went to the "Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey Greatest Show on Earth: Zing Zang Zoom"--AMAZING.

We saw dogs do BACK FLIPS (35 of them), horses and zebras DANCING on hind-legs (15 of them), elephants doing HEAD STANDS and dancing on 2 legs (front and back, alternately--11 of them), tigers HOPPING on two feet like bunnies and jumping through obstacle courses together (12 of them), and two women shot simultaneously through the air from a double-barreled canon; a magician made an elephant disappear, changed a man into a live tiger, cut several people in half, and levitated 4 adults; tiny chinese acrobats flew through the air with the greatest of ease and built pyramids on top of each other's contorted bodies (crazy!); there were clowns, dancers, cheerleader, tight-rope-walkers, stunt men, and two guys in the "wheel of death" (if you've seen it before, you know what I'm talking about-wow!). It was incredible. Best Christmas/ V'day present ever. and our seats were perfect for seeing, singing, interacting, dancing, and actively participating in the audience ;)

life. is. good.

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Grant said...

zing zang zoom.. zing to the zang zang zzzang zoom. How much fun was friday night?