28 December 2009


quick update:

christmas with my fam here in atl was AWESOME.

christmas with grant's fam in aug was GREAT.

i got to see HANNAH on her BIRTHDAY!! it was AMAZING to see her and aswan!

grant is fishing with zach in habersham today. he has the whole week off, so we're headed to the huntsville area for the rest of the week--yay!--we hope to see ashley and mason sometime in the next few days (...new years???)

our friends just got a CUTE great dane puppy--so cute! we're going to love it to pieces. and grant got me "weeds" for christmas--seasons 1-3... so i'm watching that in bed right now... i'll write more later. we'll be back sunday.

1 comment:

Steph said...

I am so glad that Zach and Grant had some hang-out time!! BUT I really wish that we could be there too...

The pics of Georgia and Grant are pretty much adorable.

So ya'll won't be in GA for New Years? That makes me sad. I need to see you soon! Love!