01 November 2009

small group

grant and i somehow survived the stomach flu ;)

we're doing great and are really looking forward to tonight's small group. for several reasons. we love our group and definitely look forward to it each week, but tonight is special.

tonight one of us will be reconciled.

tonight we welcome two new people--an awesome newly wed couple new to atlanta.

tonight we will take communion together for the first time as a group.

tonight we will break bread and fellowship like first century christians.

tonight will be different and i can't freakin wait.

God continues to reveal His unfailing love, mercy and forgiveness... and it is amazing to be a part of.

"This is the Lord's doing and it is wonderful to see" --Mark 12:11


lucy said...

I got the best email ever today. Short. simple. heart:

"Thanks for hosting communion last night. It was very special." from one of the guys.

God is good.

AshleyMargaret said...

glad you're feeling better!