12 October 2009


a few thoughts on king david :)

Don’t take my word for it, track David’s Story: 1 Samuel 16—1 Kings 2; 1 Chronicles 10-29

Who is he?
Favored and Anointed one…? [1 Samuel 16:1]
“Young ruddy shepherd boy”…? [1 Samuel 16:12; 17:14, 42]
Brave Warrior…? [1 Samuel 16-18; 19:8]
Love of the People…? [1 Samuel 13:14; 18:16]
Elusive Outlaw…? [1 Samuel 19:11-23:14]
Humble with Integrity…? [1 Samuel 20:17, 41; 24:8]
Powerful…? [1 Samuel 16:13]
Giant-Killer…? [1 Samuel 17:25-54]
Poet, Harpist…? [Psalms; Amos 6:5]
Celebrity…? [1 Samuel 18:30b]
Crazy Madman…? [1 Samuel 21:13-15]
Liar…? Adulterer…? Murderer…? [2 Samuel 11-13]
Righteous…? [1Samuel 24:17]
“A man after God’s own heart” [1 Samuel 13:14; Acts 13:22]
—All of the Above—

Also Known As:
Greatest King of Israel, father of Solomon (the wisest man ever), Hall of Faith [Hebrews 11], Ark of the Covenant Protector, Predecessor of Jesus Christ—direct lineage and mile-marker between Father Abraham, Babylonian Captivity, and Jesus’ Birth [2 Samuel 7:12-16; Matthew 1: 1-17; Luke 1:32; Romans 1:3].

• Willing to be honest—even in confessing sins
• Ready to learn and change our thinking/ actions for the better, wiser, godly path
• Forgiveness does not negate the Consequences
• In Regards to God: Trust and Worship Him
• Deal Decisively with your Family First, then Conquer the World

Thank goodness! this gives me hope--

HOPE: We can know that God looks at the HEART not our track record [1 Samuel 16:7; 1 Kings 8:39; 1 Chronicles 28:9].

HOPE: We can know that God anointed a young, ruddy, shepherd to be the Great King of Israel—despite David’s betrayal of Israel, lies, murder, adultery, and disobedience to God.

HOPE: There is hope for us with all our flaws and failures. God will redeem each one, just like He redeemed David’s adulterous relationship with Bathsheba in Solomon.

HOPE: If we come to the Father with a sincere HEART He will know it and honor it, no matter how badly we’ve made the situation by our own free will (though we’ll have to face the consequences).

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hannah jane said...

i love all your insights:)
thank you for your reminders and your passion.
love you!