31 August 2009

PCB: SB2009!

3 of the 5 small group couples went to Panama City Beach (yayah!) for a little get away this past week: Tues-Sun. It was AWESOME!!! everything we expected and more from PCB. wish we had the airbrush tee to prove it ;) or perhaps a tatoo :0

we had it all: a nice place, the Calypso (this is not our condo, but you get the idea and the pics are pretty ;), a cabana with seats to layout on, drinks, card games, and cable! we loved it.

the minute we set barefoot feet on the sand we relaxed. immediately. we had theme nights: dinner equipped with appetizers, more and more food, games, and costumes (yay!). we stayed up late and slept in as long as we wanted. it was a fun time of bonding and fellowship, togetherness and vacation.

couldn't have asked for more... except if the rest of our group could have been there ;) we missed you!


Grant said...

how can you not mention tootsies? that is a staple for pier park.
thank you for not mentioning my skimboarding wipe outs. many thanks....
you had the coolest "casino royale" outfit by far.

Grant said...

when i think of PCB i think - henna tats, air brush, straw cowboy hats on groups of large women, sleeveless shirts and tanks, classy clubs like la vela, and the list goes on. almost brings a tear to my eye.