26 June 2009


RIP michael jackson. we had some good times... you know, on the dace floor. you will be truly missed, as made obvious by 200 of my closest homeless friends in 5 points atlanta today. a dj rolled into 5 points, stopped traffic and started a Michael Jackson Appreciation Day dance party.


it ended with a billy jean dance off. i jumped in for a few faves--thriller, rock with you, the way you make me feel. what a fun impromtu afternoon. i heart the A.

mj: you are missed and i hope we set up a national holiday in your honor ;)

*ash, i know you're with me on this one


AshleyMargaret said...

yes, yes. i was pretty upset. and still am. he was about to make his dang comeback too! i hate that he had to go so abruptly :( he's a maker of many memories for so many people! esp me and you, lucy :) what a genious.

RIP , MJ- you're the best!

The Guerra Family said...

I can just picture you dancing it up in the middle of the street. I miss your energy.

hannah jane said...

i'm with you on it, too. cryin' over MJ. so sad about it. still can't believe it's true

Nida Rab said...

ditto rab!