22 May 2009

thank you, former job

i am currently cashing my last paycheck to spend on a trip to NEW YORK!! i will be there tuesday-friday and will see 5 SHOWS in four days. boom.

thanks, former job, for forcing me to quit when i did... thank the Lord... now you can pay for my trip to nyc.

i have much to blog about, but since i've been at the lake for about 10 days and will leave for new york the minute i get back, it'll have to wait until after our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!

[seriously... timing is everything.... hehehehehehe]



AshleyMargaret said...


hannah jane said...

omg i'm going to be in NYC 2 DAYS after you leave!!! bummer! anyways, have fun! it's my most favorite city in the whole wide world! :)

AshleyMargaret said...

i don't believe you until you POST SOME PICTURESS!!!! :) love you.