16 March 2009

my stupid mouth

so... today i woke up and something was off... i couldn't quite put my finger on it:
maybe i was tired from an awesome weekend
maybe i was hating my body for cramping (pms)
maybe it was my head that was throbbing

but it was none of these things (and all of them, at the same time):

it was a TOOTH ACHE!

the pain has now migrated throughout my body and continues to flow in waves from my molar outward and down... awesome.

i have an immediate/ emergency dentist appointment tomorrow am... yuck.

maybe it won't be infected...?

hope not. i'll keep you posted ;)


Ashley Morrow said...

girl....hope that tooth gets well soon!! come to birmingham and i can take care of it for you...ha :)

AshleyMargaret said...

how did the appointment go?