02 September 2008

seek adventure

grant and i had a blast in augusta this weekend, but the real adventure was our labor day fun!

augusta: had THE BEST TIME with his mama and daddy, sister, brother-in-law, and little noel--the new addition to the family. we ate shish kabobs, baked potatoes (my FAVE!) and cheese cake, and cheered the dawgs and the tide to victory. awesome.

labor day: sunday was our three month anniversary, so i decided to plan something fun [a SECRET!] day trip where we could spend quality time together and immerse ourselves in nature.

what we did: drove through most of western north carolina [gorgeous!]
made our way through a local 6 ACRE corn maze [barely! whew!]; SERIOUSLY, the picture is of the maze itself. it was a doozie.

drove the Blue Ridge Parkway

went to Sliding Rock in the Pisgah National Forest and slide down into icy water!

visited several precious lake/ mountain communities including Bat Cave, NC, Cashiers, NC, and Transylvania County, where they dedicate the entire month of October to Halloween and Fall Festivals [now that's my kinda place!]

checked out the beautiful Looking Glass Falls

loved Brevard

loved even more, the Highlands

hiked the 4,930 ft Whiteside Moutain in the Nantahala National Forest [amazing view from the top]

and stopped last at the Dillard House

hiking waterfalls, viewing cliffs, and taking a roadtrip with my love. could it get any better than that?


Lelia said...

sounds amazing - what was your favorite part?? Happy 3 months ;-)

AshleyMargaret said...

ummmm jealous! what a lucky guy. you two are living the dream :)

Katrin said...

congrats, lucy, on your 3 months - and this sure sounds like you've had a wonderful day!

Steph said...

lucy, ya'll had an awesome labor day!! i'm so happy for you :)

ps- the underwoods LOVE the dillard house haha